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Amsler Grid

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    The Amsler Grid, valued to treat macular degeneration, is a grid of equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines to fix the person’s central visual field.

    The grid is used as a daily routine tool to aid the disturbance caused by the contamination in the macula. For better understanding, what if we say, one with macular degradation finds difficulty in threading a needle, and using the grid daily can help you fix the problem.

    Central vision helps you focus on the centre; so to speak, it helps you see what you are trying to look at near your eyes and eliminates the side vision till your focus stays. It’s very similar to the portrait mode of a camera.

    portrait mode of a camera. Vision in people with age-related macular degeneration falls slowly and doesn’t come in prime notice yet you can know you are losing your central vision. However, Amsler grids can really help.

    To know how to practice properly, talk to your ophthalmologist.

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    Amsler Grid