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Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using this website.

  • 01Privacy Policy Consent

    All the information and the data collected from users of the website and the site, products, and services are under this website’s privacy policy.

  • 02Personal identification information

    We may collect the personal information of users when they register, fill a form, subscribe or our newsletter, or in any other form. This data will only be collected when the user indulges in any activity on the website. However, users can always refuse to give out their personal info, except it may stop you from indulging in certain activities on the website.

  • 03Non-personal identification information

    We also may collect the non-personal identification information when interacted with the website such as the browser name, consumption of time on site, computer details, or other technical information related to the user’s connection.

  • 04Protecting your information

    We indeed, gather your personal and non-personal information but we don’t sell it to other service holders. In every way, we protect all your information we store.

  • 05 Advertising

    Ads on our website may be sent by our advertising partners with the help of cookies that are pre-set. Advertising may direct you to another websites, the advertisement is related to, and they can ask you for your personal information as well, which will in no way be connected to our website.

  • 06 Google AdSense

    Except for us, Google also sends your advertisement using dirt cookies. Dart cookies use non personal identifiable information for ad purposes and don’t peep into your personal information.

  • 07 Change of privacy policy

    We make changes on our website time by time which also includes the change of privacy policy. So if we ask you again to accept our privacy policy, please do have a look at the change. It’s entirely on your acknowledgment that you understand our privacy policy completely.

  • 08 Acceptance of the terms

    Before indulging in any activity on the website, you acknowledge that you agree with our privacy policy.

  • 09 Contacting us

    If you wish to contact us in any need or suggestion, please visit us at: Save Sight Centre