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We are eminent in rebuilding visions of our visitors

An establishment by Dr. Rajeev Jain, Save Sight Center has been eminent in its domain and since solving almost every trouble of its visitors. We help people by

  Conducting Eye Exam

  Treating all minor and major ailments

  Eye Surgeries
  Vision Rehabilitation

Our Mission

To provide the best and latest in eye care to people suffering from eye disease and to provide it in most ethical and compassionate way

Services Services

Save Sight Centre Services

Cataract Services

Cataract leads to a decrease in vision but we can help you regain it even if you have neglected it.

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Vitreo-Retina Services

Troubles like severe eye pain, night blindness, abrupt vision loss, flashes of light, extreme light sensitivity, and more can be fixed.

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Uveitis Clinic

Uveitis, costing inflammation the middle layer of tissue in the eye wall which leads to eye redness.

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Refractive Eye Surgery

Rebuilding vision and its shrillness, the surgery helps in dismissing the dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

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Glaucoma Services

The disease, which consumes the strength of the optic nerve leading to a decrement in good vision, is curable also in several mechanisms

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Vision Rehabilitation

Vision can be improved, can be restored and we can help you in that, suggesting a concrete approach as well as impressive treatment.

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Are You Looking For Eye Care Consultation?

Doctors Doctors

Save Sight Centre Eye Care Specialist

Dr. Rajeev Jain

Retina, Cataract, Lasik & Uvea Specialist

Dr. Shuchi Gupta

Cataract, Lasik & Glaucoma Specialist

Dr. Amit Singhal

Squint Specialist, Pediatric Ophthalmologist.

Dr. Shilpa Taneja Mittal

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Choose Us Why Choose Us

Rebuilding visions is our passion

Driving through even the smallest details, we serve our visitors as they become our responsibility, and seeing them delighted is our delight.

  • Doctors as connoisseurs

    Our group is not just a group of doctors but a group of connoisseurs in the subject.

  • Equipment of merit

    We have entirely modish technology to serves the best treatments possible.

  • Availability

    We always love to consult and know how we can reform visions. We are available and you are free to visit us any day.

  • Compact pricing

    We won’t let you break your piggy bank for your eye treatments.

If the aforesaid points are your cause of concern, it is time now to consult your eye specialist and schedule a primary evaluation session to diagnose the eye diseases.

Annual eye exams are especially mandatory for those suffering from diabetes or who have first been diagnosed with it.

Eye exams are important to diabetic people because diabetic eye disease has no visible symptoms,

but you may develop diabetic retinopathy that causes the focusing ability of the eye to weaken or you may also develop vision loss.

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