Are you taking care of your eyes in the Digital Age?

Eye Care and Digital Era: All about Digital Eye Strain

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Checking our phones is the first thing we all do in the morning, right?


Digital Eye Strain (DES) is a common eye problem nowadays since our eyes stay glued to various digital mediums or screens throughout the day. With so much advanced and fast-moving technology around, it has become more challenging to protect our eyes but not impossible. From waking up to going back to bed at night, they are in close contact with digital gadgets. 

Lifestyle changes and challenges go hand in hand. Studies suggest around 90% of people who view screens for more than 2 hours or so are at constant risk of getting the digital eye strain. It is also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). You must be thinking about what exactly is DES or CVS?

In the simplest form, a group of eyes and vision problems caused due to the extended use of the computer or digital mediums is Digital eye strain or Computer vision syndrome.

In this journal today, we will take you through all the eye challenges caused due to the excessive use of digital mediums and give impactful ways to take care of them.

There are multiple reasons for this based on our routine cycle. But one thing we all have in common is our addiction to social media and digital devices which is the root cause.

Let us identify the other common reasons -

Summer Eye Care Tips
  • Sitting very close to monitor screens in office or home.
  • High digital dependency and not using offline mediums when possible.
  • Not giving yourself enough blinking breaks.
  • Wearing old glasses not upgraded for long.
  • Working or spending time under wrong and harsh lighting conditions.
  • The amount of blue light emitted from your screens
  • Size of the text and fonts that you are using while working.
  • Not getting your eyes checked at regular intervals.
  • Lack of 20-20-20 vision rule and spending long hours on digital devices.
  • Correct posture not maintained while sitting at computer screens.
  • Using multiple digital mediums and screens at the same time.
  • Using old monitors and low-resolution display screens.

Take pro steps to protect your eyes from the Digital Strain –

Summer Eye Care Tips

Digital eye strain is much more common than we think. It is one of the prime causes of headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain, and more. Reports reveal that 2 out of every 3 people suffer from hazardous consequences of this eye disorder. So, time to wake up now and give the digital defense that your eyes deserve.

  • Always try to use any digital device 2 hours before your bedtime and not later than that.
  • Protect your eyes from squinting or misalignment and use optimum text sizes while working
  • Always use the 20-20-20 rule to give your eyes the required breaks.
  • Use high-resolution screens and avoid blue light exposure.
  • Keep adjusting your device brightness and change modes as per requirement.
  • Learn to manage your screen time smartly and not let it affect your vision.
  • Proper lighting and continuous eye blinking are necessary.
  • Practice good posture and keep your monitor screens at the required distance.
  • Keep an eye on your glasses if they need an upgrade from time to time.
  • Consider using screen background colors from bright tones to warmer colors.
  • Use anti-reflective screen protectors to keep your vision intact.
  • Choose sustainable working and ergonomic workspace conditions.

Eyes are precious, and life without them is unimaginable, hence our foremost duty is to protect them. So, let us take the much-needed steps to keep them safe and rolling. While it is not realistic to cut down the use of digital mediums completely, a balanced approach is needed where health should be the top-notch priority.

Out of all the above points, one thing is clear that the eyes need regular break intervals. For this, our eye care experts recommend the 20-20-20 vision rule mentioned above as the simplest and one of the most impactful eye care methods.

Know what is 20-20-20 vision rule? It says after every 20 minutes, a person should look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

We understand that technological advancements are necessary but they bring some pros and cons along. Hence, understanding digital strain in the digital age is of utmost importance. Technology being an undeniable part of our personal and professional lives, excessive use of these mediums may lead to eye discomfort and high-risk disorders.

The key reason for writing this narrative is to spread awareness about the digital eye strain and simplify how to keep your eyes harmonically in sync with today's fast-moving world.

So keep moving but never forget to take care of your eyes in the changing times!