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How to use and care for Your Contact lenss

Instructions for contact lens wearers

  • - Wash your hands with mild soap and wipe with lint free tissues before handling the lenss or touching your eyes.
  • - Avoid using creams, deodorants or perfumes before inserting your lenss.
  • - When handling lenss, work over a clean flat surface.
  • - If you drop the lens, touch and pick it with a wet forefinger using a solution. Clean and rinse with the contact lens solution before inserting.
  • - Clean, rinse and store the lens with the recommended contact lens solution after every use.
  • - Always keep a pair of spectacles handy.
  • - Remove lenss while swimming.
  • - Consult your contact lens specialist if you have an unexplained redness, persistent pain, discomfort, change in vision, excessive tearing, light sensitivity or unusual eye secretions.

  • Never Never continue to wear lenss if your eyes are uncomfortable or unusually red.
  • Never rinse your lenss with tap water.
  • Never place a lens in your mouth for cleaning or wetting.
  • Never sleep with the lenss on, unless advised by your contact lens doctor.
  • Do not interchange your lenss. The best way to avoid this is to ALWAYS deal with the RIGHT lens first (Weather for inserting or removing) and ensure that it is on your eye, or in the case, before touching the left lens.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes vigorously while wearing and after removing the lenss.
For cosmetic users
  • Put on your lenss first, before applying any make-up and remove lenss before cleaning make-up.
  • Use water-based mascara.
  • Replace mascara and eyeliner every three months.
  • Use water or alcohol based eye make-up remover rather than cream or oil based remover.
  • Avoid frosted or glittery eye shadows.
  • Never use water or saliva to lubricate old or drying cosmetics.
  • Do not apply make-up if your eyes are red, swollen or infected.
  • Do not wear lenss when using hair dyes or medicated shampoos.
  • Never share make-up with anyone.
  • Replace all your cosmetics every 6 months.

Lens case care
  • Clean the lens storage case in warm soapy water with a soft baby toothbrush at least once a week. Rinse it thoroughly and air dry before using.
  • Replace the lens case every 3-4 months.
  • Change the solution in the lens case daily.
  • Carry your lens case and solution with you at all times.
  • Do not boil the lens case.
  • During insertion or removal, always open one cap of the lens case at a time to avoid swapping or interchanging lenss.

Lens Solution bottle
  • Use only the solutions recommended for your lens.
  • Always check the expiry date before buying.
  • Preferably use small bottles as this reduces the risk of infection; they are also portable.
  • Replace the cap immediately after use.
  • Do not touch the nozzle/opened tip of the bottle.
  • Discard the remaining solution 3 months after opening the seal or as recommended by the company.
  • Don’t change the lens solution unless your doctor says so.
  • Don’t expose lens care products to hear or direct sun light.

Guidelines for soft Contact Lens Wearers.

How to check if the lens is inside out?

Ensure that the lens is not inside out, otherwise your vision may not be clear or you may have discomfort and the lens may side on the eye.

Employ the following methods to check:

Examine the lens profit while it is on the tip of your forefinger. The lens should assume a natural, curved, bowl-like shape.

If the lens edges tend to point outward, the lens is Inside out and needs to be reversed. Another method is to place the lens in the crease of your palm as shown in the figures below. When you attempt closing your palm if the lens edges come closer then the lens is correct, if they turn out and touch The palm the lens is inside out and needs to be reversed.